What We Do

We conduct professional surveys that empower, enhance and inform our clients with real-world consumer data.

From scope & strategy to hands-on survey programming, we manage survey projects with one goal in mind: Specific answers to our clients’ unique questions.

As any market researcher knows, conducting a survey project—from strategy and design to programming and fielding—is a complex and time-consuming process. Our analysts have years of experience managing survey research projects that deliver actionable results, ensuring your research project achieves your goals without compromising quality.

We host client surveys on our own secure survey research platform, optimized for enterprise-level research and up-to-par with the highest in industry confidentiality standards.

We leverage our vast network of panel providers to drive targeted traffic to your survey—responses from real people with real opinions about your product or service.

Through years of experience managing enterprise-level survey research projects, we’ve optimized how to reach our clients’ target audiences in an efficient and cost-effective way. While sample procurement can be an expensive piece of professional survey research, we work with clients to identify ways of reaching their market audience within their budget.

We thoroughly vet all of our panel providers, and we require only the highest in security options to prevent fraudulent respondents from entering and completing studies. Upon request, we will implement TrueSample Identity Validation, TrueSample Device Fingerprint, unique IP address, unique PID, and a host of other security and respondent validation tools.

Our analysts dig deep into your survey response data to extract meaningful information—insights that empower you to make truly data-driven decisions.

When data collection is complete, we get to work uncovering trends and correlations that answer your specific questions. From simple population parameters and topline aggregates to complex regressions and cluster analyses, our analysts have a breadth of experience in all aspects of market research data analysis.

We will present your survey’s findings in the format of your choice, from interactive data dashboards and white-labeled executive summaries to exhaustive PowerPoint presentations and white papers.

Survey research done right

Haven Insights conducts all survey research in accord with the highest of industry standards. We do the heavy lifting so you don’t have to.

Our experienced analysts will consult with you to quickly identify your goals and requirements, define your target audience,and design and administer the survey for you. With Haven, you get superior data quality and superior service.