Haven Insights offers safe, secure, and fast panelist payment through virtual incentives. Our team believes that the virtual Visa® platform provides a reliable, easy-to-use enterprise-level solution for incentives payment.

For clients who would like to keep up to date on when consumers open or claim their gifts, we keep a tracking sheet available. And, as we’ve communicated to the consumers, we are always available for any questions they may have about how to use their gifts.

When they receive the virtual incentive email, consumers are instructed to follow these steps:

  1. Click the button shown on their offer email to claim their Visa® Incentive Card.
  2. The Offer Details page will be shown.
  3. Enter their name, phone number and home address (P.O. Boxes are not accepted) to proceed. Once they have completed all required fields, press Okay.
  4. Review their contact information. If the information is correct, press Yup, Looks Okay to submit their details.

Consumers’ digital Visa® Incentive Card details will be shown on the last step. Once consumers claim their virtual Visa® incentive card, they will see the card number, expiry date, and CVV (security code).

Consumers should make note of the card details, take a screenshot of the card image, bookmark the page, or print the card details. Consumers are welcome to start spending the balance immediately. Consumers’ virtual card is automatically activated once they see the card image.

Consumers can use the virtual card to make an online purchase with any United States retailer who accepts Visa®. Consumers may not use their Visa incentive card for purchases of gift cards, cash back, online gambling or any other type of illegal activity. Purchases which exceed the available balance on the card will be declined.