You need timely, actionable insights about your market—but launching a professional market research project can be complicated.

That’s where we come in. From scope & strategy to hands-on programming, we guide our clients through the market research process. We’ll recommend an approach (qualitative vs. quantitative) that meets unique needs and budgets, and manage as much or as little of a project as our clients want.

When data collection is complete, we dig deep to find meaningful insights and answer specific questions. But while our analysts are top-notch, we don’t dump data on our clients. Our insights are human insights. We empower businesses with answers they can understand and put to work immediately.

survey design • instrument programming • panel sourcing • study fielding • key findings

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Learn how we managed a research project for the Development team at a top liberal arts college—survey design, programming, fielding and analysis for a 5,000-person donor survey.