Haven Insights has partnered with P&G on several successful market research studies by sending virtual Visa® giftcards to study participants through our secure gift processing platform. As an approved P&G vendor, we enable P&G study leaders to quickly and easily send virtual giftcards to study participants within two business days, all through a single webpage.

Haven’s standard giftcard processing fee is discounted for P&G at 15% of the total cost for incentives above $45 in value. This fee covers all Visa® fees associated with virtual incentives, plus all logistical coordination and correspondence with recipients, including gift redemption tracking and confirmation. Haven actively manages this process to ensure recipients are satisfied. Incentives in amounts below $45 are available at a higher processing fee of 20%.

Domestic (US) International (non-US)
Visa® giftcard incentives $45 and over 15% of giftcard value 25% of giftcard value
Visa® giftcard incentives $20 to $44 20% of giftcard value 25% of giftcard value

Please note that our giftcard platform cannot cover countries that forbid Visas®, forbid citizens to engage in foreign transactions, or lack the infrastructure to accept Visa® cards.


Haven has also successfully provided the following services to P&G Consumer Studies (prices for English; other languages available for added fees):

Consumer recruiting Cost varies by panel requirements
Consumer pre-screening calls $35 per hour (~10 minutes per consumer)
Video upload and storage One-time $300 setup fee
Photo upload and storage One-time $150 setup fee

RECORDED PHONE LINES (Domestic & International)

Haven Insights maintains easy-to-use market research phone lines. Simply dial the number and begin your call. All conversations are auto-recorded, and each line auto-informs callers that the conversation is being recorded. To request .mp3 recordings of your calls, simply email [email protected].

These lines are available for P&G researchers’ use on an advance-notice basis. We request two business days advance notice of intent to use the line.

The fee to use one of these lines is $5 per hour. Consumers will not be charged for calling into these lines, no matter their location. International (non-US) callers must access the lines by first dialing their country code, and then by dialing Haven’s dedicated phone line.


Here at Haven, we believe that the most efficient way to meet your needs is to talk about them directly. If you’re considering a new project, email [email protected] and describe:

  • Your objective
  • Your timeline
  • Number of incentives you’d like to send, if applicable
  • Value of incentives
  • Country to which incentives will be paid
  • Any additional hourly work you anticipate

Our consultants will be in touch with you promptly. We look forward to working with you!