Transforming cancer research with targeted patient panels

“Our partnership with Haven Insights generated what is sure to become an invaluable resource for cancer researchers around the world.”

In early 2017, Oncolony—an innovative social media marketing startup—partnered with Haven Insights to empanelize their member database (700,000-strong) into a powerful resource for cancer researchers around the world.


Oncolony is a data-driven social media marketing firm with expertise in reaching cancer patients. Collectively, the patient communities it partners with reach millions of cancer patients through social media interactions on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other networks. It engages with them in friendly, faith-based, and supportive environments, through our relationships with non-profit and other cancer awareness organizations, resulting in high quality inquiries and referrals.


By summer of 2016, Oncolony’s online content saw more than one million impressions per day. They engaged with hundreds of thousands of cancer fighters on a regular basis, and had become a household name among cancer fighters and their families seeking inspirational cancer support online. However, much of this data went to waste. While millions of cancer patients engaged with their content and thousands willingly supplied information about their experience with cancer, data collection was unorganized and virtually none of it ended up in the hands of cancer researchers.

The organization’s director reached out to Haven Insights to solve this problem by answering the following questions:

  1. What percent of their 600,000-strong social media fan-base had cancer, and what percent of those are candidates for participation in surveys, research studies and clinical trials?
  2. How are those engaging on social media best driven to sign-up forms, where their data can be analyzed for research purposes?
  3. How can data collection be optimized to strike a balance between volume and format? That is, what data ought to be collected to maximize the number of patient recruits while ensuring data remains usable for pharmaceutical researchers?


After extensive on-site consultations with the Oncolony team, as well as a presentation to the organization’s board of directors, Haven Insights developed a specific plan that utilized the best, most secure tools in quantitative data collection to turn Oncolony into one of the largest, most successful cancer patient panel providers in the world. By engaging social media fans and users on a personal level, Oncolony is able to securely and confidentially gather details about the cancer experience of thousands of cancer fighters around the world—data that aids cancer researchers as they investigate the burden of disease, identify ideal clinical trial participants, seek trends among cancer patients with similar disease types and health histories, and, ultimately, research for a cure.


Haven Insights began collecting data on behalf of Oncolony in April 2017. Initial soft-launches showed higher-than-average levels of engagement.

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